About Luthier's Nook

Hi! My name is Maiol Xercavins, I am the creator of all this, and I am going to tell you how, where and when it was born.

What is Luthier's Nook?

Luthier's Nook is a company dedicated to the sale of all kinds of pieces, parts and components, which aims to allow anyone to carry out their project of building their own instrument.

We focus on building guitars, classical, acoustic and electric, although we also have some products for other string instruments.

We also have spare parts to repair and / or improve the performance of instruments already built.

We are specialists in amplification of acoustic instruments. That is why we are official distributors of the ARTEC brand.

Where does it come from?

Luthier's Nook was born from the dream of an 18-year-old boy to build his own guitar (that's me).

I am a carpenter by profession, and I have always been passionate about woodworking. Also, since I was a little child I have studied music (in my case, violin), and in my adolescence I did my first steps in a rock group with friends, playing the guitar.

After a lot of work, I finished my first electric guitar project with which I would go up on stage to play. I was very proud of my first job.

From here I focused on perfecting my technique and designing my own line of guitars. Little by little I was acquiring material for my projects, but I realized how difficult it was to find what I was looking for! It was then that I decided to help others like me to realize their dream.

Who is behind Luthier's Nook?

Luthier's Nook

Maiol Xercavins Simó

Hi! I am the creator of this project, carpenter and luthier, violinist and guitar player in my spare time. I am in charge of selecting the products that will go in our catalog and of technically advising the people who need it.

Luthier's Nook

Carolina García Ferrer

Hello! I take care of the customer service. If you write by email or call by phone, I will assist you.

I am a singer and saxophonist, I have received musical training for 8 years and I am learning the luthier job every day to help you if you have any technical questions.


Where can you find us?

Our main sales channel is online, although we also have a small Show Room where you can come to see and buy all of our products. You can come whenever you want within our opening hours. However, if you want us to serve you individually and personalized, it is best to contact us first and make an appointment.


C/ Caterina Albert 20, local 2. Les Fonts de Terrassa - 08228 (Barcelona)

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Luthier's Nook

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