Giovanni GVH-1 Custom Humbucker

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Giovanni GVH-1 NI neck
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Giovanni GVH-1 Custom Humbucker pickup
Through the years, many kinds of PAF humbucker pickups have been introduced to get classic identical humbucker sound. This humbucker pickup is also developed to fix the weak point, some middle loss, sith keeping original 50s vintage sound. It's all about sound to get right tone for musicians and beautiful music.
Giovanni GVH-1 pickup is the reproduction of legendary classic vintage P.A.F. humbucker pickup sound. To create this model, Artec researched vintage era's humbucker pickups and tested to get original classic vintage sound with specifications. GVH-1 has warm, rich and identical sound with special tonal texture. GVH-1 is wound with #42 plain enamel coil with their special computerized windind machines. It makes more presence and full range of classic tone.
GVH-1 is produced following deteiled process to get the most identical humbucker sound. Specific DC resistance with accurate coil turn makes the authentic vintage sound and full rich mid range with smooth volume. Their computerized coil winder made it possible to get balanced coil winding which enables exact DC Resistance for each bobbin. Alnico 5 Magnets are used with exact gauss measurement. Each adjustable screwed pole piece is installed by individual motorized screw injecting machine. They use special wax-dipping with exact ratio of paraffin and Bees Wax to eliminate microphonic noise. Specific vacuum condition and detailed melting point were also applied to reproduce vintage PAF humbucker. Each neck and bridge position pickup has well balanced and warm, smooth and identical sound. Both pickups have nice tonal texture and warm rich tone.

- Group: Humbucker
- Structure: Standard Humbucker
- Coil: Plain Enamel
- Magnet: Alnico 5 Bar
- Output Range: Moderate
- DC Resistance Neck: 8 Kohm
- DC Resistance Bridge: 8,8 Kohm
- Wiring: 2 Conductor
- Finish: Nickel (NI)
- Includes ring and height adjustment screws

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