Giovanni GVPB Vintage P-Bass pickup

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Giovanni GVPB P-bass. 2 pickups for neck and bridge positions.

The GVPB provides full sound with emphasized low bottom. Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity was applied like hum canceling effect. American wire gauge enamel coil is applied to express dynamic with wide sensitive frequency.

Like all Giovanni pickups, they are built with high-quality materials, with precise controls and calibrations, all to achieve the authentic vintage sound of your bass.


  • Group: Vintage Bass
  • Structure: Hum canceling PB
  • Coil: Plain Enamel
  • Setup: All position
  • Magnet: AlNiCo 5
  • Output Range: Moderate
  • DC Resistance: 10.2 Kohm
  • Wiring: 2 Conductor

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