PC85 Cable piezo pickup

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PC85 Cable piezo pickup
Piezo cable is an alternative form of piezo polymer sensor. Designed as a coax cable, the piezo polymer is the "dielectric" between the center core and the outer braid. When the piezo cable is compressed or stretched by vibration of strings, a voltage of sound signal is generated proportional to the stress.
The piezo cable pickup has no buzz and contact problem under bottom of saddle. Because of the piezo cable has good flexibility.
The piezo cable pick-up has no string balance problem. And it can applied for all case having no concern with the number of strings and pitch.

Technical specification:
  • Capacitance at 1kHz : 84pf / 85mm (not include teflon cable)
  • Energy output: 10 (mJ/Strain(%))
  • Voltage output: 5 (kV/Strain(%))
  • Length: 100 mm, diameter: 1,7 mm, cable length: 400 mm
  • IMPORTANT: PC85 have different impedance and characteristics with solid piezo pickups. It can not match with ARTEC regular preamps.

Installation tip: The piezo cable pick-up installation is very simple and easy with any style of bridge. But it can make contact problems if thru-hole is tight with piezo diameter. It must carving hole side of enlarge the hole for the cable can bend smoothly.
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