PG-341 Saz Piezo (2,6mm)

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PG-341 Piezo pickup for saz. 2,6 mm width
PG-341 Piezo pickup for Saz.

  • ARTEC Piezo Pickups are made by Piezoelectric material piezo ceramic that has shown exceptional mechanical and electrical properties with very stable energy conversion efficiency, good temperature stability and uniform sensitivity. They are constructed by individual piezo ceramic sensors for each string to improve string to string balance.
  • PG pickup series has been specially designed its construction that delivers soft, warm and rich sound than the PP pickup series.
  • Using Gold plated contact board and gold plated plug that increase conductivity and reliability.
  • 1 piezo with 3 sensors
  • Total length (L): 41 mm
  • Width: 2,6mm
  • Height: 2 mm
  • Distance between center and center of the sensors (C): 14 mm
  • Cable length (A): 400 mm
  • Compatibility: SAZ, or any other instrument with a distance between 1 and 3 string of 28 mm (D).
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